What Is Cold Winds Outdoors?

It is a website that helps people connect with rural, small town, small businesses that support Outdoor Adventures. The resources of these businesses, such as Cabins, Boats, Guides and Campsites need to be scheduled. Cold Winds Outdoors helps the small business manage the schedule in a way that allows the public to see when the resources are available, saving both the public and the small business time in connecting to what is available.

Is it like AirBnb?

Our website solution is more generic than the AirBnB or Vacation Rental By Owner and intended for those who typically have more than one resource but are too small to use a Hotel.com type of service.

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Do I pay a fee?

You don’t pay a thing! While the businesses do pay a fee to be on the site, it is free for the user to browse the listings and contact the business to schedule.

It’s time to get outdoors!

Please come and spend time outdoors, bring your family and your friends or come alone if you need time away. The rural, small town, small businesses need your support more than ever before. So many treasures, stories, and things to see or do exist in these areas. So please come, enjoy, and tell people about us and what you did! Thank you.

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